We will convert any camper van. We’ve worked on old vans, new vans, tall vans, short vans, just about every van you can think of!

Yes, we can help you research and find a van, no matter the age or type.

Yes, this is actually a popular way to go. We’ll do all the technical things in our Golden, CO shop and can guide you to putting on the finishing touches.

Yes, we’ve had a few clients who worked with a company and were unhappy with the results and then turned to us to finish and fix the camper van build out. We also can work with clients who started a DIY camper van and realized they were over their head.

Very well for thermal and sound. Insulation packages depend on your budget, but even with the lowest budget, we will still make sure you have adequate insulation to brave the heat and winter.

Yes, we can deliver within Colorado.

110 Volt Systems – What Type of 110V Electrical System is installed?
A 30 Amp electrical system with a 110V hookup (shore power). Wall outlet locations depend on conversion and customer request.

12 Volt Systems – What size is the Standard Equipment Package batteries system?
Standard 200 Amp/hour with AGM deep cycle marine batteries.

Larger capacity battery systems up to 1200 Amp/hours
24 Volt systems
6 Volt batteries, series to parallel up to 1200 Amp/hour system.

What is the most popular upgrade size?
We recommend a 200 Watt Solar Panel system.

Do you install Lithium Battery systems?
Only by special request. At present, the cost-to-benefit ratio for our average customer is not beneficial.

Solar Panels
Solar panels are popular. Permanent, they are now more efficient and less expensive. Up to 500 watt systems are available depending on van roof size and options. Portable systems are available.

Are diesel appliances available?
Yes. Cook tops, water heaters, and air heaters.

Generators available?
Yes, Gas, Propane, or Diesel. We can install up to 12KW gas or diesel generators for commercial applications. Few people now order generators.

Why do you recommend electric, not propane refrigerators?
They are less expensive, more efficient, with larger interior space. No need to park level. No outside vents. Most owners will park for only 2 or 3 days and then drive to another destination thereby recharging their batteries. If the owner is off the grid for long periods of time, a 100 to 200W Solar Panel with minimal sun will usually keep a refrigerator running. If auxiliary batteries are low, simply start the van’s engine and let idle until the battery is recharged. Driving the vehicle within 2-4 days will also recharge the battery.

How long can I camp?
There are lots of variables — from a couple of days to weeks in remote places/off the grid.

We currently do not accept financing. We accept Venmo, Paypal, etransfer, checks and cash.

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