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Nolan Marsh, Owner of Renegade Vans, pictured above in a recent camper van conversion, the 2020 Ford Transit High Roof Extended Cargo Van.


Hi everybody! I’m Nolan, fellow traveler and owner of Renegade Vans. I fell in love with Van Life in 2020, after having built out my first rig alongside friends and family. It was the height of Covid and as we all were, I was stopped in my tracks and wanted to figure out the next step. I was gigging in New Orleans at the time and lost all of my gigs when venues shut down. As difficult as this was, it allowed for some time to pause and reflect. As a lifelong musician, I wanted to find a way to combine my love for music with my love of the road, so I turned my van into a mobile music studio which allowed me to satiate these passions of mine. Doing so made me realize that living on the road didn’t have to be a sacrifice, but rather a way to combine my interests in life with a type of intentionality that I never before thought was possible. Here at Renegade Vans, we will build you a camper that is tailored to your specific interests. Each rig is custom built and absolutely nothing is pre-fabricated. During your free consultation, we will get to know who you are and what you’re all about so that we can build the rig that you envision, and not one that you’ll settle for. No request is too big or too small – we’re here to make it happen!


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