Custom Camper Van Builders in Alamosa,  CO

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Aaron Ivie, Owner and Founder of Renegade Vans, pictured above in a recent camper van conversion, the 2018 Ford Transit 350.


Hey, my name is Aaron and I think the rent is too damn high. I actually understand your needs for a camper van conversion because I’ve lived, breathed, loved, and even been frustrated by the van life. That’s why I started this company – to help people like you get into a functional van at a fair cost and understand the truth about living in a van. Of course, we love getting into higher-end builds as well, but the foundation of our company is to give you a unique and affordable living option.

Starting from my garage and driveway, I took on my first few camper van conversions. Now as the business has grown and I’ve gotten amazing referrals from past clients that keep me busy, I rent out an amazing space in Alamosa, CO that houses all my tools, materials and everything I need to streamline and customize your camper van build. I’d love to talk to you about your needs in a camper van conversion. Drop me a line and we’ll take care of you!


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