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My name is Rachael and I have been in my van since April of 2019. I had been interested in vanlife for years, but in 2012 I got an infection in my foot, which lead to amputation in 2015, and the van plans were put on hold. I began walking normally again in 2017, but it wasn’t until I was needing to quit a job in March of 2019 and move out of an extraordinarily expensive apartment in Denver that I made the move. I found Aaron on Denver Craigslist, and initially looked at another campervan he was selling, but wanted something a bit bigger. He found a campervan and began working on it for me within a week. He understood how quickly I needed a campervan to live in, what I needed to be comfortable as an amputee, and went above and beyond to make that happen for me. He built it exactly as I asked within a month, and has continued to help me modify it to my liking as time rolls on. Living in this van has allowed me to save a huge amount of money, travel more, wake up with spectacular views, learn more survival skills, meet incredible people also living this lifestyle, and grow in ways I couldn’t do in an apartment or house.

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